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How do I sell my old silverware, coins or silver jewelry and get paid top dollar?
If you are in need of cash, you will be happy to know that simply by selling the spare silver kept in your cabinet, you could potentially earn what many people would feel is a significant amount of money.  How can you get paid top dollar for your silver?  By taking it to the right place of course!
At Young’s Creative Jewelry we can help you take what you may be thinking of as, “junk” and a, “waste of space,” in your house right now and actually turn it into a handsome profit during these times when you might be running a little short of money.
Before selling your silverware, coins or old jewelry, you should know about the market price of silver to be sure you can easily avoid being cheated.  Some companies that advertise, “We Buy Silver,” are in search of people who don’t know the current market rate and they take advantage of this. They will quote you abnormally low prices, often far less than what you deserve just to see if you are willing to sell your silver at that price. So it is better if you obtain just a little bit of knowledge about the market rate.
Young’s Creative Jewelry has been serving Englewood, Venice and Port Charlotte since 1985.  To help you, our valued customer, we actually show you the current market price right at the time of your sale so you can rest assured you are getting top dollar. The silver rate fluctuates daily, by the minute, so we show you the market price of your silver at time of sale to make sure you are getting the most profit.
Next you should be told the purity of the silver you’re selling, whether it’s sterling silver (.925) or .999 which is pure silver bullion. There are many grades of silver with coins ranging from 40% to 90%, real silverware would be Sterling or .925 however some silverware is plated and has no value when selling as a precious metal.
It used to be common that when selling silver coins you would not sell them as scrap silver material because a coin could bring a higher top dollar paid with its increasing age.  However, these days, typical coins are worth more for their silver content.  If you happen to have a rare coin, Young’s Creative Jewelry would let you know rather than paying you the scrap price.
After successfully choosing to sell you silver for top dollar, you may decide to buy some new gold or diamond jewelry for yourself.  Don’t forget that we are a custom jewelry designer and if you don’t see what you want, chances are we can create it for you!
You have to find a place where you can get paid the highest for the same amount of silver. For many people this could involve a lot of market research, however for customers of Young’s Creative Jewelry, you can count on a fair and honest appraisal of your gold or silver.
It’s important to be comfortable with the people that you are dealing with and knowing that you are working with a company that has achieved a level of trust in the community.  At Young’s Creative Jewelry Store we Buy Silver and Gold and Pay Top Dollar in Cash!  When dealing with a company like ours, you know you are going to be treated fairly and honestly or we couldn’t have stayed in business serving the Englewood, Port Charlotte and Venice areas since 1985!
The best option when selling your old jewelry, silverware or coins is to visit Young’s Creative Jewelry where we will treat you right!
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Get paid Top Dollar in Cash for your old Silver Jewelry, Coins and Silverware.