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There has never been a better time in Englewood, FL to quickly earn some good, cold, hard cash for selling your old jewelry and scrap gold. If you have unwanted jewelry, maybe some earrings where you have lost the matching pair, outdated or broken necklaces and bracelets, jewelry that you just never wear anymore, now is the time to get paid top dollar in cash for those items! Why leave your old gold and silver just lying around in a drawer?  Wouldn’t it be better to trade them in and get cash for your gold!  You could even choose to buy some fashionable new jewelry with the money you make!

With gold prices at an all time high, this is the best opportunity you have ever seen to sell your excess gold and earn good money for it.  No one knows how long these high gold prices might last, so be sure you can gain the most benefit by taking action today. So if you are still wondering, “Where can I sell my gold jewelry for the best price?” we have the answer: At Young’s Creative Jewelry in Englewood, FL we pay Top Dollar – in Cash!

Some investigations, as shown on TV news stations, have revealed that trying to get cash for gold by mailing it in can be a risky proposition. They discovered that some of the national companies were offering prices below, or even Well Below, the actual current market values!  To be sure you know what your gold is worth, we will be happy to discuss all the factors that go into selling your gold for top dollar at our local jewelry shop right here in Englewood.  We have been serving the Englewood, Venice and Port Charlotte areas for over 26 years and we have earned a name that you can trust.

Selling your gold at one of the more recently popular, “gold parties” can be another situation where you may not be getting the best value for your items.  You will not be given the most cash for your gold as the person who is organizing the party takes a percentage of the entire amount of your gold allowing two middlemen to profit off of your sale.  At Young’s Creative Jewelry we have found times when we were able to pay a higher premium for more desirable pieces of jewelry rather than merely selling them for scrap.



More Tips On How to Get The Most Cash For Gold!

Young’s Creative Jewelry knows that when you are considering selling your old jewelry and getting, “Cash For Gold,” you want to get the best amount of money possible, so it is important for you to know the price of gold on the particular day that you are selling.  To find out the current value of an ounce of gold simply call Young’s Creative Jewelry, (941) 475-0507and we will be happy to give you the current market price.

When you come into Young’s Creative Jewelry we take the time to walk you through the process and explain how we calculate our offer to get you the best possible price.  We will show you a live feed on our computer of what the Gold market is at the time of your visit.

After getting your information from the various sites about the gold rates, you will be armed with the information you need to get the highest price paid.  Don’t forget that the people advertising, “Cash For Gold,” regardless of whether it is a local shop or a national company on TV, will have to adjust the price of gold to account for refining and for their fee.  After all, once they purchase your gold they have to send it off to a refinery and they risk losing money if the gold is not pure or if the price comes down between when they purchase it from you and when they sell it to the refinery.  Since they are investing not only their time, but their money in the deal they need to be paid a slight marginal fee.   At Young’s Creative Jewelry we have found times when we were able to pay a higher premium for more desirable pieces of jewelry that could be resold, rather than merely paying scrap gold prices.

The most important thing to remember is to go to a store that has been in business for a decent amount of time and one that has a good reputation in the community.  When dealing with Young’s Creative Jewelry, you know that we have been serving the needs of Englewood, Venice and Port Charlotte since 1985 and our reputation speaks for itself.

Next you should check the purity of your gold and estimate its rate accordingly. Young’s Creative Jewelry generally buys gold which is ornamental and typically it is 14 karat gold which is 58.5% pure. Pure gold is 24 karat and it is not usually used to make jewelry as it is too soft and breaks easily. The prices of gold which you see are for pure gold. When you are at Young’s Creative Jewelry we will sort through all of your gold and separate it by Karat, i.e.: 10K, 14K, 18K, etc. so the higher the number, the higher the gold content. Since the market changes daily, even by the minute, when dealing with us we will show you on the computer the market price at the time of your sale.

In many shops you can also check the purity of your gold by asking for its composition. Some “Cash For Gold” stores will say your gold is less pure so that they can pay you less and increase their profits when they sell your gold.  When dealing with us you will see that we actually test your jewelry, right in front of you, and show the results of your gold’s purity. As we mentioned above, in some situations, designer jewelry may be worth more than the mere scrap gold weight.  However unless your jewelry has some outstanding characteristics or unique qualities, it is more likely that your best profits will come from selling your jewelry for cash based on the weight of gold.


Top 6 Tips to Keep From Being Scammed!

#1.  Look at how long the company has been in business.  Does it have a good reputation?  What is its track record?

#2.  Be careful of the fly-by-night organizations that just pop up overnight.  You may see ads in your local paper or magazines that say a “Gold Buyer” will be in town just for a short time.  These companies obviously are not local and would be much harder to hold accountable than a local merchant.

#3. Check to see if they will test your items in front of you and not try to take them to another room or section of the store.  There is no reason a reputable jeweler can’t do the test right in front of you.

#4. Look for a phone number AND a real local address.  Any company that just has a PO box should be considered suspect.

#5. Bring in as much volume as possible, as reputable businesses will often pay a slightly higher price for larger quantities.

#6.  Be realistic.  Know the approximate fair market value of your items before selling them and then remember that the Gold Buyer has to leave some room for a profit margin.

#7.  Check the company you are considering doing business with on Google.  We always encourage our clients to visit our Website or Facebook page to leave their feedback.  Good or bad, it is there for all to see.


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